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Consider AIDS in which a flu can kill you. A normal cold which couldn’t even harm you a little now posses death threat. Why in the world is that?, are there types of diseases like the strong flu, stronger flu and the strongest flu?. Nah. There is not such a thing. It all depends upon the response of your immune system. The way your immune system protects you from a variety of attackers separates you from the healthy person. To reap as many benefits of immune system as possible, you must figure out how to increase immunity power in body naturally.

Although we are born with a perfect immune system, ready to ward off any disease but overtime we become the worst enemy of our own immune system. With the lifestyle choices we make, the food we eat, the drinks we consider and the way we approach each and every single day has a huge impact on the performance of the immune system.

Stress exposure can increase the likelihood of developing disease, as well as exacerbating preexisting conditions – Research by Nih.gov

It’s not all about the eating and drinking choices we make that impose a huge impact upon our immune system, it’s the lifestyle choices too.

Isn’t it good to be healthy and well throughout the year. It is. But the issue is how to increase immunity power in body naturally to such extent?

If we consider some supplements or short term tricks then they won’t last and would destroy the immune system’s performance for the future.

The only one way to do it is to do it naturally. Yes, we must figure out how to increase immunity power in body naturally.

Before we start specifying the stuff, let me get it a bit explained. To boost your immune system naturally, you need to consider three factors.

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Lifestyle

These three factors would be involved in the process of booting your immune system naturally.

It’s impossible to incorporate all of these factors at a time. But a handful and easy to adapt combination of these would result in a strengthened immune system. Remember this, too much of the good is bad too. So, adapt a handful from these, don’t go for all in all approach.

Diet (Slide em all)

Diet is one of the most important factor that contributes towards a healthy immune system. They say ” we are what we eat ” and that goes a long way. It’s not all about the physique shaping through the diet, our immune system is also defined by what we eat. I have made this list of eatables which are beneficial to the immune system. You may slide through all the eatables and figure out which ones you can easily incorporate.

Quick Recipes (Slide em all)

Instead of consuming the good immune helping eatables one after the other, you can go up with the some quick reipe. For those wondering about “how to boost immune system when sick”, this list of quick recipes would surely come handy. These provide the necessary ingredients to your immune system and lif tit up like the way it’s supposed to work. Slide through the recipe list ad see which one is worthy to be a part of daily routine.

Exercise (Slide em all)

“Is there any correlation between exercise and a boost in the immune system ?”, Yes. After diet, exercise is the governing factor for the healthy immune system. To stay healthy and in shape throughout the year, people incorporate many forms of exercises. What many are unaware of is the fact that effects of exercise on the immune system are not negligible, these are too much. It’s not like exercise contributes a little bit to immune system; it contributes alot. It also helps the body to strengthen the immune system. Slide through the list of different exercise forms and figure out what works best for you.

Lifestyle (Slide em all)

Lastly, the way you spend your day uncovers alot about your physical as well as mental health. For a healthy immune system consider applying these lifestyle changes and ee the benfit for yourself. Slide through them all.

Well, it’s finally over. Do let me know of your thoughts/opinions and suggestions in the comments below. Don’t forget to write the cool stuff in your diary and incorporate it in your daily routine.

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